Stuart Priorities Survey

Stuart Priorities Survey
Please rank the following topics 1 to 51 - Least Important ... 3 - Neutral ... 5 - Most Important
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Increases in the cost of living expenses like electricity, water, state taxes and charges
Ensuring public transport services keep pace with local needs
Retaining and improving health services
Support for police including crime prevention and investigation
Repairing and upgrading our roads and fixing accident black spots
Protecting our local environment
Supporting local businesses to create more employment opportunities
Mobile phone and NBN coverage
Retaining and improving local education
Support for emergency services such as CFS, SES, Ambulance
Support for people with disabilities
Support for local sporting facilities
Support for arts and culture
If you could fix only one problem in our local area, what would it be?
From which source/s do you most often receive news and current affair information?
I would classify myself as a usual supporter of which political party (you may choose more than one):
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