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04 May 2021

Copley Community

It is my pleasure to rise on a very positive topic today. Last Friday evening, I had the pleasure of being at Copley for the local community's celebration around the refurbishment and renovation of Copley Town Hall. For people who may not have been to Copley, it is about 270 ks north of Adelaide, about six ks north of Leigh Creek and is a very important town in the Northern Flinders.


It is an honour to be elected to represent the people of the electorate of Stuart in the South Australian Parliament. I work very hard to give our electorate a strong and informed voice in all relevant matters and also to support people locally. Working effectively on behalf of the people of Stuart will always be my primary responsibility and I also put time and energy into my role as Minister for Energy and Mining as well as promoting regional development more broadly throughout our State.

I hope this website will be a useful insight into the Parliament of South Australia, how I represent you there and throughout the community and a source of other helpful information. Please feel free to contact me or my staff if you require any assistance with state government matters or if you wish to raise any issues which are of particular importance to you.

Yours sincerely,

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