Estimates Committees | SPEECH

Mr VAN HOLST PELLEKAAN ( Stuart ) ( 12:14 :30 ): It is a pleasure to rise on behalf of the people of Stuart and make a few comments about the estimates process we have just been through. I will touch separately on each of the six portfolio areas I represent on behalf of the […]

CFS Cancer Compensation Bill | SPEECH

Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation (Firefighters) Amendment Bill Mr VAN HOLST PELLEKAAN ( Stuart ) ( 10:59 :24 ): I am extremely seriously and passionately behind the member for Morphett on this issue. This is incredibly important and very close to my heart, and I commend speakers on this side, my colleagues, who are also just […]

Operation Flinders | SPEECH

Mr VAN HOLST PELLEKAAN ( Stuart ) ( 15:18 :54 ): I rise today to speak about an absolutely outstanding program that operates in my electorate of Stuart, Operation Flinders, and to share with the house very concerning media reports this morning that the government is considering cutting its funding support to Operation Flinders in […]

Bangor Bushfire | SPEECH

Mr VAN HOLST PELLEKAAN ( Stuart ) ( 15:41 :17 ): I rise today to advise the house of some of the issues about the Bangor fire, which happened in my electorate in January this year, shortly before the last election. I acknowledge that it was not the only bushfire taking place at the time: […]