Future bill shock


The State Liberals are warning the Weatherill Government’s 75 per cent renewable energy target will drive up electricity prices for South Australian households and businesses even further.

“South Australia already has the most renewable electricity in the country and the highest electricity bills in the country and today Jay Weatherill has committed to increasing both again,” said Shadow Minister for Energy Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

“Do not be fooled by claims that increasing the amount of renewable energy too quickly will reduce the price of power – it’s another Labor lie.

“Before the 2014 state election Labor promised that electricity bills would fall by 3 per cent when in fact they have increased by 30 per cent.

“Had Labor kept its promise to reduce electricity prices, average South Australian households would be $500 a year better off.”

Nor should South Australians believe Jay Weatherill’s claim that the price of electricity in South Australia is now the lowest of the eastern seaboard states which is just untrue.

Premier Weatherill: With wholesale prices now in South Australia the lowest of the eastern seaboard states. (Channel 7 News 13-11-17)

Australian Energy Market Operator data shows South Australian has had the highest wholesale prices in the NEM for all of this year.

2018 NEM Wholesale Spot Prices
NSW     QLD     SA        TAS     VIC
75.05    74.36   144.20  96.14  122.91
“These prices demolish the Weatherill Government’s deceitful claim that its $550 million power plan is producing the lowest power prices in the National Electricity Market,” said Mr van Holst Pellekaan.

“Jay Weatherill is rightly terrified of the public reaction to the electricity bills that will hit South Australian households and businesses.

“South Australians are furious about the outrageous price of electricity they pay and tired of the Weatherill Government’s refusal to accept responsibility.”