Strategy to reduce community exposure to lead in Port Pirie

The Marshall Government, the Port Pirie Regional Council and the local community will develop a multi-pronged strategy to green the streets of Port Pirie to reduce the level of dust and the community’s level of exposure to lead.

The $875,000 strategy is the latest component of the Marshall Government’s plan to reduce the level of lead in Port Pirie and improve the health of all its residents, in particular the town’s children.

The strategy consists of $125,000 in small grants for plantings, $250,000 to develop a master plan and $500,000 for a water supply feasibility study for Port Pirie.

“The master plan will ensure we beautify the streets of Port Pirie whilst delivering better health outcomes for generations to come,” said Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

“This investment will build on the good work already being done by the community, Council and Marshall Government by providing small grants to community organisations to green public outdoors areas and make them as safe as possible.

“The water feasibility study to be conducted by SA Water and the Council is important to ensure the greening of Port Pirie is sustainable for generations to come.”

Port Pirie Regional Council Mayor Leon Stephens said the Council has been working with the Marshall Liberal Government and Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan to develop these initiatives which will provide improved health outcomes and ultimately change the perceptions of Port Pirie.

“On behalf of Port Pirie Regional Council, I would like to thank the Marshall Government for supporting the Port Pirie community through these announced initiatives,” said Mayor Stephens

“These initiatives align with Council’s Community Plan visions to improve the health, wellbeing, environment and perceptions of Port Pirie and we are excited to work with the Marshall Government towards positive outcomes for all of our residents.”

Minister van Holst Pellekaan said the announcement is part of a suite of initiatives the Marshall Government is implementing to deliver real change over the near, medium and long-term for the people of Port Pirie.

“The SA Government and Nyrstar have committed to extend the TLAP program for another 10 years,” said Minister van Holst Pellekaan.

“We have rejuvenated the TLAP board so that the community, Port Pirie Regional Council, and senior representatives across the breadth of SA Government are now working together with the new Executive Director, Peter Dolan.

“The South Australian Housing Authority will invest $2.54 million upgrading 43 public housing properties in higher risk areas over the next eighteen months to reduce exposure to lead.”