Electricity prices down by $421 with more savings to come

06 Feb 2022

A new report from the independent regulator (ESCOSA) shows South Australian families have saved on average $421 on their annual electricity bills since the Marshall Government was elected four years ago, and further savings are on the way.

ESCOSA’s latest report details that South Australia families have saved $118 on their electricity bills in just the last 6 months alone, as the Marshall Government continues to repair the carnage done by the chaotic and harmful policies of the former Labor Government.

“The contrast between the performance of this Liberal Government and the last Labor Government could not be starker – in the last two years of the former Labor Government average electricity prices skyrocketed by $477,” said Premier Marshall.

“Nor could the choice for the future by clearer – my Government is delivering the SA-NSW interconnector that independent modelling shows will reduce annual household electricity bills by another $100, a project Labor’s Energy spokesperson Tom Koutsantonis has opposed tooth and nail since we announced it.

“Voters will get to decide if they want to go back to the most expensive electricity in the world and constant blackouts that Tom Koutsantonis delivered, or the stick with a Government that has delivered $421 in annual savings and the lowest number of hours lost to blackouts in the country.”

Deputy Premier and Energy Minister Dan van Holst Pellekaan said the $421 in savings and the restoration of grid stability while simultaneously increasing the use of renewables are the result of sensible policies implemented in an effective fashion.

“The Marshall Liberal Government inherited an electricity system on its knees, reliant on third world dirty diesel generators to keep the lights on from a Labor government charging South Australian families and businesses like a wounded bull,” said Minister van Holst Pellekaan.

“The electricity savings have also flowed to all businesses, with small businesses receiving an average 16.8 per cent saving since the change of government in 2018.

“South Australia is now a leading energy jurisdiction worldwide with over 60% renewable energy, cheaper electricity and no insufficient supply or grid stability impacts on consumers over the last four years.

“Despite delivering a state-wide blackout and the most expensive electricity prices in the world Tom Koutsantonis and Labor have consistently opposed the policies we have put in place to drive down the price of electricity and keep the light on.

“The largest rollout of home batteries per capita in the world, virtual power plants, voluntary demand management, four additional grid scale batteries and confirmation that the SA-NSW interconnector will go ahead are all driving down prices.

“The real issue confronting South Australian voters is do they want to put Labor’s Tom Koutsantonis back in charge of their electricity bills and the reliability of their supply?

“Tom Koutsantonis can lay claim to being the worst Minister for Energy in history and his hysterical attacks on our successful policies shows he learnt nothing.

“Tom Koutsantonis can’t be trusted with the responsibility of managing our power network but that is exactly what Peter Malinauskas is planning to do.”