Closure of Port Augusta power stations and Leigh Creek coal mine

On 11 June 2015 Alinta announced it would close the Port Augusta power stations and Leigh Creek coal mine.

I am dreadfully disappointed the State Government did not put any relief in the 2015-16 budget for the Alinta workers, their families and other employees affected in the communities of Port Augusta and Leigh Creek and surrounding districts. The announcement that those jobs were going to be lost was made a week before the budget. An announcement could easily have been made that there was support for those people and those communities in this budget. I am terribly disappointed that they did not consider the Alinta workers and the other people who will lose their jobs because of Alinta’s decision, and affected communities, a high enough priority.

On the day of the announcement I wrote two letters to the Premier and the Treasurer expressing my concerns and ensuring they understood how serious the matter is. To see the letters, please click on the links below. Two days later I visited Leigh Creek and subsequently wrote a letter to the Premier making 20 suggestions for him to start working on immediately. Please see this letter below.

Since then I have met with the Premier twice as well as with the head of the taskforce twice.


Weatherill-Premier re Alinta Energy’s announcement – List of suggestions to support the people of this region_Signed Letter 150615