New resources information service to help landowners and rural communities


The Marshall Government is fully funding a new resources information service specifically designed to assist landowners, farmers and community members across South Australia in their dealings with the resources sector.

From July 1, the Rural Business Support (RBS) Landowner Information Service will begin taking public enquiries and provide, free of charge, easy-to-understand information to any individual or business who may be affected by activities conducted by the state’s mineral exploration and mining sectors.

Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan said the core function of the Landowner Information Service is to offer landowners the right information empowering them to make informed decisions when liaising with the resources industry.

“The Marshall Government recognises the importance of both the agricultural and resources sectors to South Australia’s economy and the need for respectful working relations between them,” said Minister van Holst Pellekaan.

“I encourage landowners who have concerns about the potential impact of resource companies on their property to make use of this excellent service that is being provided free of charge.

“This innovative project will also present resources companies with an independent and credible central point of contact to refer landowners who require information and support about the mining and exploration process.

“This service is not designed to provide legal, commercial, or financial advice, but rather offers a helping hand to landowners to point them in the right direction and help them navigate the often complex technical and legal processes involved with mining and mineral exploration on their land.

“RBS is renowned and respected across SA for providing free, independent and confidential services to primary producers and small business owners in rural areas, making them well-placed to deliver this service

“This service begins at an important time in South Australia’s post-COVID recovery phase, and will further support landowners, primary producers and the mining and mineral exploration sectors to coexist and engage respectfully,” he said.

“I thank the team at RBS for their dedication in establishing the Landowner Information Service, and I know their reputation as a trusted and independent not-for-profit organisation to the farming and small business community across the state will see them deliver this crucial service well.

Primary Producers SA (PPSA) Chair Rob Kerin welcomed the launch of the new Landowner Information Service, saying the introduction of a free and impartial information service will help landowners being able to make informed decisions and understand how to navigate their path to an outcome.

“PPSA and its member organisations often speak to landowners and community members anxious for information to help them understand the mining and mineral exploration process and how to liaise with companies seeking land access.

“Many of these people have concerns because they haven’t dealt with the mining sector before; it is a steep learning curve for them and they are uncertain about what is involved.

“A regional-focussed landowner information service has been long-sought by primary producers as a way for them to understand their options, rights and responsibilities when it comes to mining and mineral exploration and how it can impact upon them.

“While RBS’s Landowner Information Service will not advocate directly for landowners or community members, it will offer information across all commodity types and offer regional community stakeholders easily accessible and targeted information when they need it,” he said. For more information on the Landowner Information Service please contact Rural Business Support on 1800 836 211 or visit their website.