You can bank on cheaper electricity


The Marshall Government has welcomed the announcement of further price reductions from a major electricity retailer as good news for South Australian households and businesses but urged everyone to make sure they are getting the best deal available.

Last Friday Origin announced an average annual household saving of 5.6% or an average of $127 per annum.

AGL has now announced that it will be reducing the price of electricity for South Australian households by 2.7% from July 1, or an average $62 price drop for households.

“The Marshall Government’s energy policies are driving down the price of electricity but customers will always get a better deal by shopping around,” said Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

“Like the banks with interest rates on home loans, electricity retailers often have room to move on the price they charge if it means they keep you as a good customer.

“Lower prices are now available, so every South Australian should be enjoying much cheaper electricity than when the Marshall Government was elected in March 2018.

“The recent price reductions announced by Origin and AGL follow a 3 per cent fall in price of electricity for South Australian households last year.

“During State Labor’s last two years in office the average bill skyrocketed by 26% or $477 per household.

“The Marshall Liberal Government’s energy policies have halted South Australia’s runaway electricity prices and are bringing relief to hundreds of thousands South Australian households and businesses.

“We are delivering on our commitment to reduce electricity prices for South Australians whilst driving an ambitious transition towards net-100% renewable energy.

“With the SA-NSW Interconnector, Home Battery Scheme, Grid Scale Storage Fund and demand management, the Marshall Government is leading the nation in emissions reduction whilst also reducing electricity bills.

“The Marshall Government’s performance is proving that it is possible to both reduce the price of electricity and protect the environment simultaneously.

“What’s missing in South Australia is bipartisan support from the Labor Party for the necessary steps to reduce both the price of electricity and emissions.

“Labor’s opposition to the Home Battery Scheme and interconnection with New South Wales puts them at odds with the best interests of South Australian households and businesses, as well as industry experts.”