Energising South Australia’s economic growth | STATE BUDGET


The 2019-20 State Budget reinforces the Marshall Liberal Government’s commitment to providing reliable, affordable energy for South Australian households and businesses as part of its agenda for investment, jobs creation and economic growth.

“The Government’s $100 million Home Battery Scheme, $50 million Grid Scale Storage Fund, $30 million investment in demand management and integrated distributed generation, as well as the conversion of the standby generators into commercially operated generators will deliver more affordable, reliable and cleaner electricity to South Australians,” said Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

“The Government’s early works package for the $1.5 billion SA-NSW interconnector will help deliver the projected $66-a-year in savings on household electricity bills as soon as possible.

“It’s encouraging that in the last 12 months electricity prices have turned the corner in South Australia following a series of unacceptable price rises under the previous Government.

“The Marshall Liberal Government’s energy plans will deliver a smoother transition to renewable energy whilst delivering the affordable and reliable energy South Australian households and businesses need.

“The fact that renewable energy is projected to account for 65 per cent of generation capacity in South Australia by the end of the next financial year whilst the price of electricity is moderating is cause for optimism.

“We’re looking to create new jobs and benefits in energy in South Australia, with the Government to deliver a Hydrogen Action Plan and an Electric Vehicle Strategy.

The 2019-20 State Budget will also deliver $10 million to facilitate major new mineral discoveries as part of the Marshall Government’s comprehensive agenda for economic growth.

“South Australia’s resources sector is performing strongly with Carrapateena up and running, BHP proposing potential expansions, and the Oak Dam West discovery offering the tantalizing prospect of a significant future mine,” said Minister for Mining and Energy Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

Mining and gas production is important for South Australia, accounting for more than 35% of the State’s exports of traded goods and providing royalty revenue to the State that funds services South Australians require.

“The $10 million Accelerated Discovery Fund recognises that vast areas of the State remain under-explored and highly prospective and will attract explorers, developers and investors.”

The 2019-20 State Budget investment in energy and mining underlines the Marshall Liberal Government’s commitment to delivering the economic growth necessary to underpin the delivery of the government services South Australia requires.