Liberals deliver Bird Lake solution


If elected in March a Marshall Liberal Government will guarantee the additional funding required to remediate Bird Lake in Port Augusta as quickly as possible.
The Port Augusta City Council has sought $3.2 million of funding assistance so that Council can implement its remediation solution.
To date the State Government has only offered half of the necessary funding for the $3.2 million project and, if elected, a Marshall Liberal Government will ensure the project can be completed by contributing the full amount required.
“The State Liberals will guarantee the remediation of Bird Lake can be delivered as soon as possible by committing up to $1.6 million additional funding,” said Member for Stuart Dan van Holst Pellekaan.
“For too long the Weatherill Labor Government has treated the people of Port Augusta like second class citizens.
“The stench of Bird Lake in Port Augusta is affecting the quality of life of our residents, damaging the town’s reputation and hurting our local tourism industry and it’s unacceptable that the Weatherill Labor Government allows this to continue.
“The Labor Government would never let the Torrens River in metropolitan Adelaide deteriorate this way, so they shouldn’t be treating the people of Port Augusta like second class citizens.
“This is a Council responsibility and unfortunately they aren’t in a position to fund the necessary work, but we will not leave the people of Port Augusta in the lurch.
“That’s why the State Liberals are guaranteeing to deliver the full $3.2 million remediation works at Bird Lake if we are elected at the March State Election.
“The people of Port Augusta and regional South Australians deserve to be treated with the same respect as those in metropolitan Adelaide.
“By improving Bird Lake we will improve Port Augusta and attract more tourists and travellers which will be great news for local employment and the community more broadly.
“We will also seek funding assistance from the Federal Government to deliver this extremely important outcome for the residents of Port Augusta.”