National Footy Colours Day | MOTION


Mr VAN HOLST PELLEKAAN (Stuart) (12:33): I rise to also support this motion from the member for Chaffey. I think he made an excellent contribution, as did the member for Fisher. I listened closely and I found that to be a terrific contribution from a government member and I really do appreciate that.

The core of this motion is about acknowledging National Footy Colours Day. I would like to add my comments that throughout the electorate of Stuart—not every single town, and every single club, but largely throughout the electorate of Stuart—football clubs and netball clubs are very closely linked, and I know that netball clubs would have every willingness to participate in this sort of thing as well, and for such an important cause, that is, children living with and fighting cancer. My sister died of cancer at 16, so this is a topic that is very dear to my heart.

I would like to focus on the fact that the motion talks about children living with cancer. A lot of work, a lot of effort, massive contributions of thought, science and technology are going into finding cures, and of course that is very important, but putting some effort and resources into just supporting the ongoing lives of children actually living with cancer is also very important, and I appreciate that that is the cause of this motion.

When it comes to footy colours, I think about the many teams that play football throughout the electorate of Stuart. I will not be able to mention all of them, but certainly in Port Augusta we have three teams: the Souths Bulldogs, who are in red and white; the Centrals Bloods, in red and black; and the West Augusta Hawks, in purple and white. They fight it out with the Port Pirie teams every time, and I know that those three teams are extremely proud of their colours, as are many people throughout Port Augusta.

Moving on to the northern areas league, which is the district within which I live, at Wilmington, the first that comes to mind are the mighty BMW Lions, who wear traditional Lions colours. We also have the Orroroo Roos, wearing black and red; the Jamestown Peterborough Magpies, in black and white; and the Southern Flinders Tigers in black and gold, as you would expect. Into the north-eastern league other teams that come to mind are the BBH Rams, in red, white and blue; the BSR Tigers, in black and gold, as you would expect; and then for the south the Kapunda Bombers, in black and red; and the Eudunda-Robertstown Saints, who wear the St Kilda colours of red, black and white.

Just while I am on this, you will notice, Deputy Speaker, that most of these teams are combined teams, with many towns—two or typically three—coming together to form one football club and usually one netball club in a combined fashion, and that is a feature of what is happening all over country South Australia. It is interesting to notice that the mighty Kapunda Bombers a year or more ago celebrated their 150th anniversary, which is an extraordinary achievement for any club.

I know that the other clubs, which are combined teams as well, would certainly all unite behind this motion from the member for Chaffey. I am sorry that it is not possible to mention all the footy teams and all their club colours in the electorate of Stuart, but I know that all of them, the ones I have mentioned and the ones I have not been able to mention, would support this activity, would all support the member for Chaffey’s motion and would all want to do everything they possibly could, particularly in their local communities, to support children living with and fighting cancer.


Member for Chaffey’s motion:

That this house—

(a) acknowledges that 2 September is National Footy Colours Day;

(b) encourages everyone to wear their favourite football team’s colours to help raise money for children living with cancer;

(c) assist in making a difference to the lives of children fighting cancer by donating to Fight Cancer Foundation; and

(d) notes the fantastic work done by our sporting community in South Australia to raise funds and awareness of cancer.