Dirty diesel generators on hire purchase


The State Liberals have seized on the revelation that the Weatherill Government’s diesel generators will produce 25 per cent less electricity in hot weather to demand the government reveals the total cost to taxpayers of the diesel generators.

“The Weatherill Government tried to pull the wool over the eyes of South Australian taxpayers regarding the capacity of the dirty diesel generators it is acquiring on hire purchase,” said Shadow Minister for Energy Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

“The Premier was totally silent on the fact the 276 megawatts of diesel generation dropped to just 205 megawatts on days of 40 degree heat – precisely when they will be needed most.

“The Weatherill Government has been equally evasive about the total cost to the taxpayer of the same dirty diesel generators.

“It’s not good enough for the Premier to claim his plan to buy dirty diesel generators falls within the budget of the $550 million power plan but refuse to reveal the cost of either the diesel generators or the lithium battery.

“Treasurer Koutantonis’ claim that he couldn’t tell South Australians what the cost of the diesel generators is because APR Energy is selling them to other international customers is an insult to South Australian taxpayers.

“It is totally unacceptable for the Weatherill Government to put the commercial interests of an international company before the South Australian taxpayer.

“South Australians have the right to know exactly what this latest backflip from the Premier is going to cost them.

“18 months ago the Tasmanian Government spent $64 million in leasing, site establishment and operational costs for 220 megawatts of diesel generation for just three months.

“Jay Weatherill is leasing 276 megawatts for two years before buying the plant.

“The Premier needs to tell taxpayers exactly how much that will cost.

“Had the Weatherill Government invested just $8 million in keeping the Northern Power Station operating South Australians would have been shielded from outrageous price increases and there would be no need to spend $550 million of taxpayers’ money propping up energy supply.”