Lights go out on Weatherill’s generator


The Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis told State Parliament last night that the proposed State Government gas-fired generator may never deliver electricity into the South Australian grid.

“Jay Weatherill is proposing South Australian taxpayers fund another white elephant – a $360 million electricity generator that doesn’t generate any electricity,” said Shadow Minister for Energy Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

“This proposal manages to be even more wasteful than the Port Stanvac desalination plant which has hardly been used.

“This is the equivalent of a hospital that doesn’t have patients.

“The Weatherill Government’s panic after repeated blackouts in South Australia led them to propose wasting $360 million on a gas-fired powered station that will probably never be used.

“The fact this proposed power station will probably never be used explains why not even Jay Weatherill claims it will bring down the price of electricity in South Australia any more.

“The desal plant didn’t bring down the price of water – just the opposite – and this redundant gas generator won’t bring down the price of electricity. 

“It’s now clear that the Weatherill Labor Government’s plan was drawn up on the back of an envelope.

“The Weatherill Government must put its $360 million power station on hold while it properly assesses how to deliver lower prices for South Australians.

“I am very concerned that Mr Weatherill’s plan will further disadvantage South Australians who are already paying the highest power bills in the nation.

“We believe the Weatherill Labor Government must consider inviting existing generators within the South Australian NEM region to contract to provide 250 MW of emergency dispatchable generation to avoid load shedding.

“SA Labor has form on knee-jerk decisions which end up costing taxpayers many millions of dollars more than necessary.”