Diesel Jay’s dirty little secret


News that Jay Weatherill’s promised 250 megawatt gas-fired electricity generator won’t be operational until 2020 highlights the economic damage of the Premier’s decision to shut down the Northern Power Station.

“As a consequence of Jay Weatherill’s failure to deliver the new power station as promised South Australian taxpayers will be hit with a $110 million bill to operate 200 megawatts of temporary diesel generation during the next two summers,” said Shadow Minister for Energy Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

“Had Jay Weatherill invested just $16 million in the Northern Power Station there would be no need for diesel generators and South Australians would be paying significantly less for their electricity.

“Jay Weatherill’s justification for punishing South Australians with the highest electricity prices in the nation was to fund the use of more renewable power, but now that won’t even be achieved.

“The recent State Budget showed the Weatherill Government’s renewable energy generated target reducing from 55 per cent in 2016-17 to 43 per cent next financial year.

“Jay’s Weatherill’s diesel generators explain that surge in greenhouse gases.

“So much for Jay Weatherill’s green credentials – he’s about to become one of the state’s biggest greenhouse gas producers.

“At the same time South Australian electricity consumers are paying for the most expensive electricity in the world.

“To cover the massive cost of temporary diesel generators Jay Weatherill is now claiming the cost of his gas-fired generator has miraculously dropped from $360 million to just $300 million.

“This ludicrous claim comes from the State Government that has blown out the nRAH budget from $1.8 billion to $2.43 billion.

“True to form Jay Weatherill’s $550 million energy plan is going to cost a great deal more.

“Had this foolish government invested just $8 million per annum in keeping the Northern Power Station open South Australia’s budget would be half a billion dollars better off and we would have cheaper electricity.”