Thousands of South Australians powerless


The latest Australian Energy Regulator statistics paint a bleak picture for thousands of South Australian families struggling to cope with the highest power prices in the country.

South Australia has the most per capita electricity disconnections, gas disconnections, the most people with an energy debt, the highest average electricity debt in the country and the situation is deteriorating dramatically.

“The Weatherill Government’s decision to force the Northern Power Station to close down has plunged thousands of South Australians into crippling energy debt and left many without electricity,” said Shadow Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

“A year ago South Australia’s average electricity debt was $775 today it has risen to $875.

“A year ago there were .335 per hundred rate of disconnections in south Australia today that number has risen to .380 per hundred.”

2016-17 Q3 Residential customers disconnected for non-payment – by jurisdiction

Region Electricity
(Number of customers (per 100 customers))
(Number of customers)
(Number of   customers (per 100 customers))
(Number of customers)
Qld 0.374 7176 0.201 368
NSW 0.252 7775 0.148 1908
SA 0.380 2879 0.288 1200
Tas 0.108 258 0.000 0

AER publishes retail energy market update for Quarter 3, 2016-17