ACCC allows electricity joint purchasing group


The State Liberals today welcomed the ACCC’s decision to allow SACOME and 27 other SA businesses to establish a joint electricity purchasing group.

 “We welcomed the ACCC’s draft determination in April, and it’s pleasing to see the official authorisation from the ACCC which will hopefully assist in driving down electricity costs for these important South Australian businesses,” said Shadow Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

“I congratulate the mining sector and the other companies in pursuing this joint purchasing group, as the ACCC have reaffirmed that it will increase the group’s bargaining power in the retail supply of energy contracts in South Australia.

“The Liberal Party threw its support behind this push back in February as we recognised that these employers were being smashed by the highest electricity costs in the nation, along with the least reliable supply.

“This ACCC authorisation could pave the way for other SA companies to go down this path in an effort to drive down their electricity costs.

“The State Liberals will support other SA businesses if they decide to follow the lead of SACOME and the 27 businesses which make up the joint purchasing group.”