Ratepayers latest victims of electricity bill shock


Steven Marshall MP
State Liberal Leader

Ratepayers will be the latest group of South Australians to feel the sting of the Weatherill Government’s disastrous energy policies after the Local Government Association warned councils will pay 30-50 per cent more for electricity in 2017.

Like any business of scale, local government isn’t immune to electricity price cost pressures and two new energy (electricity) supply contracts negotiated by LGA Procurement on behalf of councils will see costs increase by 30-50% in 2017. These escalating costs will put pressure on council rates. (LGA: State Budget Submission 2017-18, p33)

“Surging electricity prices will add millions of dollars to council’s collective electricity bills which in turn will be passed onto ratepayers,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“The City of Marion had an energy bill of $1,735,000 last year and that will soar well over the $2 million mark this year.

“This is a double sting for ratepayers who are already paying exorbitant prices for the electricity they use in their homes as a consequence of the Weatherill Government’s failed energy policies.

“This increase further highlights how the cost of electricity is embedded into the price of so much South Australians consume.

“Sharply increasing electricity prices feed into the price of what we eat, what we drink and how we entertain ourselves.

“The Weatherill Government have made South Australia the nation’s guinea pig when it comes to transitioning into renewable energy and the price is being paid by households, businesses and now local government.

“The Weatherill Government’s foolish policies drove cheap base load power out of South Australia leaving the grid at the mercy of the wind and Victorian power stations.

“Nor is there any relief in Jay Weatherill’s half a billion dollar patch-up job on South Australia’s fragile electricity system which will further drive up the price of electricity in South Australia.”