EDB’s expensive advice


The State Liberals are demanding the Premier Jay Weatherill details the costs of a range of options for intervening in the electricity market outlined by Economic Development Board (EDB) to a Parliamentary committee.

“The EDB revealed it had provided the Weatherill Government with short, medium and long term options for dealing with South Australia’s electricity crisis but gave no price tag for the proposals,” said Shadow Minister for Energy Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

“Nor did the EDB give any re-assurance that these measures would deliver cheaper electricity to South Australian households and businesses.

“The Weatherill Government’s failed electricity policies have led to the highest prices and least reliable electricity supply in Australia and the public have the right to know how much it will cost to fix the mess.

“Further the Premier needs to reveal how much it would have cost to keep the Northern Power station operating and what impact that would have had on electricity bills in South Australia.

“The EDB’s recommendation that the Weatherill Government should seize control of part of the Pelican Point generator highlights just how foolish it was of the Premier to allow the Northern Power station to close down.

“The Northern Power station could have been kept open at minimal cost to taxpayers and great benefit to South Australian electricity consumers.

“Now the Premier’s hand-picked EDB is recommending buying or leasing a smaller station at what is going to be a much greater price which in turn is likely to produce even more expensive electricity.

“The fact this advice was provided to the Labor Government on the 21st of February highlights the Premier had no plan when he promised ‘dramatic intervention’ on the 9th of February.

“On the 10th of February the Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis promised the plan would be released ‘very, very soon’ – little wonder the public is still waiting for the Premier’s promised plan.”