Deafening silence on Government electricity contract


The State Liberals are demanding the Weatherill Government update South Australians on the progress of a contract for the generation and supply of electricity to the State Government.

“The Weatherill Government touted this contract as a means of attracting new generation to South Australia and driving down the price of electricity for households and businesses,” said  Shadow Minister for Energy Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

“It’s now two months since tenders for the contract closed and South Australians are none the wiser as to whether the Weatherill Government will attract new generation, let alone enjoy lower prices.

“The Weatherill Governemnt has a habit of talking big when announcing projects and delivering very little at the end of the process.

“The successful tenders for the Weatherill Government’s $24 million gas incentivisation policy were meant to be announced by the end of January.

“Once again the Weatherill Government has been as quiet as a mouse about the success of this tender process.

“When Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis announced the policy I sought a guarantee the $24 million would reduce the price of electricity in South Australia.

“With the contract tender closed the Treasurer is still yet to release that modelling.

“The time has arrived for Minister Koutsantonis to explain exactly how his tender process went and how this direct taxpayer subsidy to gas producers will translate into cheaper electricity for South Australians.

When the gas incentivisation policy was first announced by Jay Weatherill on the 8th of September the Premier refused to guarantee that it would drive down the price of electricity: No, of course I can’t guarantee anything in what is essentially a private market that we don’t control. (Jay Weatherill)