Full Murray Darling Basin Plan must be delivered


Steven Marshall MP
State Liberal Leader

The State Liberals are committed to delivering the full Murray Darling Basin Plan and returning 3,200 gigalitres of water to the river system.

“We will not let the upstream states wriggle out of delivering their part of the agreement,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“South Australians understand the importance of a healthy River Murray to our state’s future.

“Returning 3,200 gigalitres of water to the Murray Darling Basin is a legislated requirement – we will not support that volume being cut.

“South Australians have done a lot of hard work to improve our water efficiency – both irrigators and households – and its incumbent on the other Basin states to do the same.

“We also need to ensure we continue doing our bit in South Australia to secure the long term health of the Murray.

“We need to be committed to finding smarter, more efficient ways to use water.

“That includes properly assessing potential environmental engineering options and implementing them where appropriate.

“The State Liberals are also committed to sitting down and working with the other states and Federal Government to secure the long-term health of the River Murray.

“The Labor tactic of throwing a tantrum and abusing people is not going to deliver the best result for the River Murray or for South Australia.

“A well-reasoned argument presented in an authoritative manner will better protect South Australia’s interests than an hysterical rant.”