Liberals move to address SA’s expensive


The State Liberals will introduce new legislation to protect South Australian consumers from further volatility in the electricity market which is driving up prices.

The Liberals are drafting a Bill to amend the Development Act 1993 requiring all new wind farm development applications to include an independent electricity market impact assessment.

Independent electricity market impact assessments will ensure that the broader implications to the electricity market will be considered before wind farms are approved in South Australia.

The current legislation has no regard for the need to provide reliable and affordable electricity for families and businesses.

“Spot prices in SA are on average 150 per cent higher than the national average in 2016/17,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“Over the next four years, SA’s contract electricity prices are 34 per cent higher than the national average and almost 57 per cent higher than Victoria.

“This is another measure supporting our 2036 policy document to seek lower costs for families and businesses.

“There is currently no consideration of the broader impacts of wind farms to the electricity market under the Weatherill Government.

“On the other hand, the State Liberals have a plan to fix the mess created by the Weatherill Labor Government.

“The alternative is the Weatherill Government’s plan is to shop around and blame others – no policies, no ideas, and no changes to the current framework.”

The first sentence of Weatherill Labor Government Statewide Wind Farms Development Plan Amendment states:

The South Australian government places primary importance on meeting its target to have 33% of electricity generated from renewable sources by 2020.

“The primary importance of wind farm developments for the State Liberal Party is to provide families and businesses with affordable and reliable, clean electricity,” said Mr Marshall.

“We are fully supportive of renewable energy but the transition must be managed appropriately.”