Solar Switch savings go statewide

14 Feb 2022

5,000 low income households across South Australia will be able to save up to $538 on their annual electricity bills as a result of the Marshall Government’s decision to further expand its highly successful Switch for Solar program.

The Marshall Government is investing $21.25 million in its Switch for Solar Program which gives eligible concession holders the chance to have a free solar system installed in return for their concession payments.

“Electricity bills of households already in the program have fallen by well over $1000 a year resulting in a net benefit of up to an average of $538 for these low-income households,” Deputy Premier Dan van Holst Pellekaan said.

“Saving $500 or more on electricity bills is a great outcome for families struggling to make ends meet, providing more money for the many expenses families have, whilst also lowering emissions.

“Switch for Solar is another example of the Marshall Government honouring our commitment to lower the price of electricity for South Australian households and businesses.

“South Australian households re now saving an average $421 per year on their electricity bills since the election of the Marshall Government in 2018, and the switch for solar saving can be on top of that.

“We’re working hard to undo the damage done by Labor to South Australian’s power bills, and that’s why we’re proud to help more households get solar and save even more money through this program.”

The Switch for Solar trial began in the Goolwa area and the north eastern suburbs of Adelaide in May 2021, and it will now be extended to 5,000 households in a full statewide rollout following exceptional proven results.

Data from the trial shows that concession households who voluntarily “switch” their $215.10 per year Cost of Living Concession and $231.41 annual energy concession for a 4.4kw solar system are set to receive an average of $538 in savings over and above their existing $446.51 saving from their concessions. This is higher than the initial estimate of $57 to $525 when the scheme was launched.

Minister for Human Services Michelle Lensink said this showed the Marshall Government was delivering lower costs and better services by helping more South Australians to get solar power.

“Switch for Solar is about choice and empowerment. It means some households who want solar but don’t know how they’d ever afford it can now get a system at no up-front cost and save even more on their power bills,” Minister Lensink said.

“We want our concession holders to have more choice and more money in their pockets to support themselves, while knowing they’re contributing to a better environment for their children and grandchildren.

“We know this is an empowering program, because around 28 per cent of households so far have opted to co-contribute to get an ever bigger solar system and even bigger bill savings.

“This innovative more than doubles the bill savings we deliver to concession households, through solar instead of cash payments, with strong safeguards for participants.”

Deputy Premier Dan van Holst Pellekaan is also calling on SA Labor to drop their senseless opposition to this fantastic program.

“When we launched Switch for Solar, Tom Koutsantonis who delivered South Australians the highest power prices in Australia said it was "unfair and cruel and they shouldn't be doing it".

“How out of touch must you be if you think that saving concession households over $500 on their power bill is ‘unfair and cruel’?

“After driving up their power bills by $477 in their last two years in Government, it shows that Tom Koutsantonis and Peter Malinauskas are only interested in playing politics.

“Labor should drop their crazy opposition to this excellent initiative which is helping undo the damage they did to household budgets,” Minister van Holst Pellekaan said.

Concession holders will be invited to register their interest in the program now to receive updates and get to the front of the queue, with expansion to 5,000 systems to be rolled out from August 2022.

Households can register their interest for the Switch for Solar expansion by:

  • Visiting and complete the “Register now” form; or
  • Calling the Switch for Solar team in ConcessionsSA on (08) 8226 3100 during business hours.