Shopping around for lower electricity prices

30 Aug 2021

On the back of falling household electricity prices the Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan is urging South Australians consumers to shop around for the best deal from the many retail offer in the market.

Yesterday the independent regulator ESCOSA released its annual report showing the cost of electricity for the average household has fallen by $145 in the last 12 months, delivering another significant easing in cost of living pressures.

“With a $145 fall in average household electricity bills almost every consumer in South Australia should be receiving cheaper electricity than this time last year,” said Minister van Holst Pellekaan.

“I encourage all households to make use of the government website to ensure they are getting the best deal possible.

“Indeed, with year on year falls in the price of electricity since the Marshall Government came to office delivering households an average saving of $303 comparing retails offers makes even more sense.

“The Marshall Government went to the 2018 election promising $302 in electricity savings in our first term of government, we have already delivered a $303 reduction and will drive prices down even further next year.

“The success of our energy policies will see South Australian households pocket more than $350 million in total savings on their electricity bills following the election of the Marshall Government.

“With cheaper water bills ($191), ESL bills ($184), car registration ($196) and increased sports vouchers ($100) the $303 fall in electricity bills means the average household with two kids and two cars is saving $974 a year.

“The electricity savings have also flowed to small businesses which have enjoyed an average $606 saving since the change of government in 2018.

“The success of the Marshall Government’s power policies including the largest rollout of home batteries per capita in the world, virtual power plants, voluntary demand management and our Grid Scale Storage Fund have reversed Labor’s disastrous legacy of sky-high power prices.

“State Labor’s chaotic policies saw electricity spike by $477 in the disastrous last two years of Tom Koutsantonis as the responsible Minister.

“Even greater reductions for South Australian households and businesses will be delivered through the SA/NSW interconnector which will begin construction next month.

“With falling wholesale electricity prices set to drive down the retail price of electricity even further South Australian households and businesses should be actively seeking cheaper electricity from their retailer."