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Mr VAN HOLST PELLEKAAN (Stuart) (10:53): I am very enthusiastically supporting the member for Adelaide in this. As a country person, I have for many, many years come down to Adelaide for all sorts of reasons. I do everything I can to do, as much shopping as I can, in my local area but, as we all know, there are things you have to come to Adelaide for. I think I can speak quite comfortably for the vast majority of rural and outback-based South Australians in saying that as much flexibility as possible with regard to the times you are able to shop in Adelaide is very, very important. When you are travelling anywhere from a couple of hours to potentially 12 hours to get to Adelaide for all sorts of various reasons, it is important that you can do your shopping with as much flexibility as possible.

The member for Adelaide has been very respectful in regard to religious holidays and also, very importantly, ANZAC Day. I think that attending an ANZAC Day dawn service, if you are physically able, is something that every single South Australian and Australian should do. I believe very firmly that, when you have done that—paid your respects and actively participated in the ANZAC Day ceremony in some way—how you choose to spend your afternoon should be entirely up to you. If you choose to spend it with your family or you choose to spend the afternoon in some other public holiday fashion, you should be able to do so. If you choose to go to the RSL and enjoy a few or many drinks with your mates at the RSL, that is terrific and, if you choose to go shopping, you should be able to do that as well.

The member for Adelaide, in many ways, represents a very difficult electorate and I think it is a huge credit to her that she has won that seat so resoundingly. She is always balancing the needs of people who live in the electorate, people who live outside the electorate but work in the electorate, and people who own and operate businesses in the electorate. To her credit, she works extremely hard and she is doing a wonderful job.

The way she has put this bill together covers all of those different groups that she tries to represent, while clearly her focus is the people on the electoral roll who actually reside in the electorate. But she has a very important responsibility to the other people who have a strong connection with the City of Adelaide as well. I wholeheartedly support her in this.


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