All systems go for Project EnergyConnect

07 Jun 2021

The Marshall Government has welcomed the decision by South Australian high voltage transmission company Electranet to proceed with the SA-NSW Interconnector (Project EnergyConnect).

EnergyConnect is a $2.3 billion transformational piece of infrastructure that will deliver cheaper, cleaner, more reliable electricity to South Australian households and businesses and spark a renewable energy jobs boom.

Electranet’s decision follows last week’s announcement by New South Wales high voltage transmission company Transgrid that it would proceed with the project on its side of the border.

“The Marshall Government has delivered $269 in annual savings for South Australian households and EnergyConnect will slash another $100 a year from family power bills,” said Minister for Energy Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

“By way of contrast electricity prices skyrocketed by an average of $440 for households during the last two years of the former Labor Government.

“EnergyConnect is the latest piece in a suite of energy policies that have transformed the shockingly expensive, blackout prone electricity system left behind by the previous Labor Government.

“EnergyConnect also delivers on a promise first made by Rann Labor Opposition in the lead up to the 2002 state election.

“Shadow Minister for Energy Tom Koutsantonis, who was a member of the Rann Opposition should do the honourable thing and hand in his resignation today.

“Twenty years after the South Australian Labor Party promised to deliver cheaper and more reliable electricity by constructing an interconnector with New South Wales the Marshall Liberal Government has delivered this vital piece of infrastructure.

“Fixing the most expensive, least reliable electricity system in Australia created by the former Labor Government has been a priority of the Marshall Government.

“Creating jobs is another priority of the Marshall Liberal Government and EnergyConnect will deliver thousands of jobs as billions of dollars are invested in renewable energy projects in South Australia.

“EnergyConnect will be a freeway for green energy produced in South Australia and exported to New South Wales.

“South Australia is a good global citizen and will become a net exporter of renewable energy as part of our aspiration of net-100% renewables in the 2030’s.

EnergyConnect will begin construction later this year and be commissioned in 2023.