Futureproofing the Outback


Outback Communities Authority Media Release

The Outback Communities Authority is inviting the Outback Community and regional stakeholders to identify what is wanted and needed for the long term sustainability of the outback as its own unique and autonomous region of South Australia.

The Outback Futures Project seeks to engage the Outback Community in a lively and positive conversation about what is needed to take hold of the opportunities and make the region an even better place to live, work and visit into the future.

Overseen by Mr Bill McIntosh AM, Presiding Member of the Outback Communities Authority, Ms Sue Chase AM, regional business leader with a long history of working in the outback as the CEO of Cowell Electric and Mr Ross Sawers, Presiding Member of the new Arid Lands Landscapes SA Board and former member of the SA Arid Lands NRM Board and Regional Development Australia Far North Board, the Outback Futures Committee will prepare a comprehensive consultation report representing the breadth of issues concerns and aspirations raised along with any recommendations
for change for the consideration of the Outback Communities Authority.

Once considered, the report will then be presented to the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government with recommendations.

“This is a genuine invitation for the Outback Community to talk to family, friends and work colleagues and then tell us what is important to them and how it should be managed into the future,” Said Mr McIntosh.

“Right now, we appear to be at a crossroads. We have the opportunity to take the lead to design a structure that aims to deliver our collective vision and serve the Outback well into the future and continue to make it a great place to live, work and visit.”

Consultation commences today with the release of the Outback Futures Project – What do you think a more sustainable and resilient future for the Outback looks like? Discussion Paper. The Discussion Paper asks Community Members and stakeholders a series of probing questions designed to generate discussion within the community.

Face-to-face community meetings with the Outback Futures Committee are scheduled for late August with the recommendations report being presented to the Minister in late September.

A copy of the Discussion Paper can be accessed at www.oca.sa.gov.au/bpb or by contacting the Outback Communities Authority on 1800 640 542.