Accelerating investment in SA’s mining sector


The Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan has used today’s South Australian Exploration Mining Conference to announce the opening of the $10 million Accelerated Discovery Initiative to grow jobs and investment in the mining sector.

The Marshall Government priority is growing jobs and opening up South Australia’s untapped mineral resources through the $10 million ADI’s co-funded exploration and innovation will grow employment across the State.

“A strong resources sector is an essential component of South Australia’s prosperity and accounts for more than 35 per cent of the state’s exports,” Minister van Holst Pellekaan said.

“The ADI is a pivotal incentive to attract the exploration investment required to uncover future mines.

“It empowers industry to make new discoveries while reducing the substantial financial and technical risk involved in exploring greenfield sites.

“Increasing mining, mineral processing and its supply chain activities is crucial to achieving the Marshall Liberal Government’s 3 per cent growth target.”

Setting a new benchmark for government co-funded mineral exploration, the ADI provided grants over the next three years for:

  • Single and multiple drilling programs in frontier terrains
  • Collaborative innovation and technologies to generate new exploration ideas
  • Logistical support in remote greenfield areas
  • Encouraging Aboriginal employment during exploration.
  • Finding new groundwater and testing supplies
  • Geophysical programs to test new concepts

“Previous government-funded mineral exploration focused on drill targets but the expanded scope of the ADI will have multiple environmental and social benefits, as well as driving significant economic gains,” the Minister said.

“The ADI also recognises the importance of the state’s regional communities by targeting remote water sources and boosting job opportunities.”

To support high-quality initiatives, all applications will be vetted through a rigorous two-phase assessment process using a panel of industry, government and university experts.

The first round for applications closes on Monday December 20 and successful applicants are expected to be informed in March.

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