Powering South Australia’s future energy needs


The Marshall Government says the arrival of major components for AGL’s Barker Inlet Power Station is another step towards more affordable, reliable and cleaner energy for South Australian households and businesses.

“AGL’s investment in the $295 million, 210 MW fast-start gas plant will help address the problems created by the former Labor Government’s failed energy policies,” said Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

“The fact AGL’s high efficiency Barker Inlet Power Station will be able to reach its 210 MW capacity in just five minutes provides added insurance for those times when supply from renewable sources fluctuates unexpectedly.

“The rapid response capabilities of the Barker Inlet Power Station will sharpen competition amongst the various generators feeding into the South Australian electricity network.

“AGL’s investment in a new power station is further evidence that the Marshall Government’s energy policies are helping transform South Australia’s electricity network from the weakest in the nation to a world leader in the successful integration of complementary energy sources.

“The Barker Inlet Power Station makes a mockery of Labor’s repeated claim that the Marshall Government’s support for an interconnector with New South Wales will deter investment in local generation.

“As well as reducing the cost of electricity to South Australian households and businesses, the interconnector will support new investment in renewable and other energy projects.

“The $200 million Home Battery Scheme is another critical plank in the Marshall Government’s suite of policies designed to bring down the price of electricity, whilst improving reliability and reducing emissions.

“The Grid Scale Storage Fund is another central component of the Marshall Government’s plans to transform South Australia’s electricity network.

“There is no single solution to the task of restoring affordable, reliable electricity to South Australian households and businesses, but providing a suite of complementary initiatives will be the key.”